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Blood Work

Individuals who want to check their overall health through comprehensive blood testing services, let us help you keep track of your health.  Our country's health coverage has been declining and many individuals cannot afford health insurance. At Drumm Health, we can provide medical tests that were previously unavailable to the general public at affordable pricing so you can be in control of your health. We can process your Doctors order or you can simply choose the tests you would like to have. Our staff would be glad to assist you in your choices.

Benefits to using Drumm Health Services’ Health Screening services:

  • No insurance needed                                                                      

  • No DOCTOR Order needed                                                

  • Affordable pricing                                                                            

  • Fast results      

Corporate Wellness 

A healthy work force is a happy work force.  If you are having trouble keeping employees within your company have you thought about a wellness program?  This can be a great way to attract the best talent to your business, while also increasing retention time.  Maybe you already have a wellness program but are not satisfied with the annual health screenings.  Drumm Health can work with your current wellness program provider to staff your health screenings to be more efficient while saving your company money..  

Contact us to see what we can do for your company wellness

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